Hormone Yoga for Diabetes

is a holistic technique to help to improve insulin production by the pancreas in a natural way and to improve well-being and vitality. It is beneficial to all healthy individuals as well.

Think of it as a sort of spring cleaning and fine tuning for your body.

Hormone Yoga for Diabetes helps to activate specific glands including the pancreas, liver,

spleen, adrenals, thyroid and hypophysis. It activates and balances metabolism in general by:






Hormone Yoga for Diabetes is not a substitution for medical treatment and all students should follow regularly with their medical provider. As with any exercise, you should consult with your doctor prior to practicing Hormone Yoga. There are available modifications and adaptations of exercise for individuals with hypertension, hyperthyroidism, and orthopedic problems.

HY for Diabetes is contraindicated during pregnancy, cancer, serious mental disorders, before and after surgeries, and with undiagnosed abdominal pain.

  • Balancing the immune system

  • Balancing the neuro-vegetative system

  • Improving circulation and healing

  • Increasing flexibility

  • Improving vitality and mood

  • Balancing emotions and decreasing stress

  • Aiding in weight management