"I have been working with Lydie for about 4 years to help manage her hypothyroidism. She's been on Synthroid and Amour but complained of jittery side effects and palpitations. We then tried Restorative Medicine formulations to help reset her thyroid gland and regulate her body temperature, but after a few months on these, her thyroid became more sluggish as indicated by her elevated TSH and low T3 and T4.


     At this point I recommended restarting the Armour thyroid replacement, but Lydie suggested a trial off supplementation and requested to work with the Hormone Yoga exclusively.


      I agreed to give her a trial off thyroid replacement and see the impact of Hormone Yoga. We have recently repeated her blood work about 3-4 months later and I was astounded to see her TSH, T3 and T4 all in the normal range. She is feeling the best she has in years and apparently cured her thyroid disease.


     This is a truly amazing practice that when applied regularly yields impressive results. I am recommending Hormone Yoga to my other patients with thyroid issues, PMS, and perimenopausal symptomatology as an effective non-pharmaceutical option. "

Fanny Rose Bangoura, MD


I can't express my gratitude for life connecting me with you for this wonderful practice that is like it was developed just for me!

If you hadn't taken care of you and strived to find a tool to help yourself- I wouldn't have found it at all. I am also grateful for the woman in Brazil that invested time and effort in her pursuit to health and her going to India to get the "good stuff" from the source!

All these blessings that came to me from you and that lady. May you continue to be blessed in every way Namaste!

Sherry Tejada CCHt. 
American Health Acupuncture


I am so thankful for finding you and Hormone Yoga.

I am sleeping through the night for the first time in years and my energy levels are terrific.

You are a fantastic and gifted teacher. 

Your studio is beautiful in a truly lovely setting.

Thank you for everything!

Dee Albanese, Tucson

This is an amazing opportunity to bring Hormone Yoga practice into your life and balance your body, heart and soul.

I just completed this series with Lydie Vagnerova, and the experience is beyond-words. More energy, mental clarity, better sleep, body awareness and a lasting inner peace.

If you can't make the workshop, contact Lydie for private or semi-private sessions at her studio on the Northwest side of town.

Sally Miller, Tucson

I want to refer to my experience with Lydie as: 




noun: serendipity; plural noun: serendipities

1.     the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.


    I was not at all planning to attend hormone yoga, and I also was not aware there was someone certified right here in Tucson. I am an "at risk" individual since my mother has Hashimoto Thyroid Disease, and for this reason I must keep my thyroid under control. When my mother was visiting from Italy, we decided to take a semiprivate class because all throughout Europe we heard about the incredible benefits of this practice.


    Lydie was so very patient and accommodating. Mom and I had different levels of flexibility and some adjustments had to be made for her, since she is 70+ and had a hip replacement. Lydie knew exactly what to do to adapt the exercises. Not only that but she went over the steps several times until we were comfortable with the positions and she was sure we were doing it properly.

As far as hormone levels I did not have a blood test yet since I started exercising regularly but overall I feel more in sync with my self and I intent to keep the practice.

    Some advice, to anyone interested, after you learn the routine it's good to take refresher sessions every now and then to make sure the breathing and the flows are done properly.

Lucia Cavallo, Tucson

    "Although in Italy this type of yoga is becoming popular, I had the opportunity to learn Hormone Yoga only when I was visiting my daughter in Arizona. 

I will never forget Lydie's friendliness, patience and professionalism. Now that I am back home I hope to find a qualified and attentive person like her for my review classes.  

    I wish I would have found out about this discipline many years ago because I am taking thyroid medicine since over twenty years due to Hashimoto Thyroid. It is my intention to continue practicing because I feel it makes me face every day in a more serene and mindful way. I will also monitor my hormone levels to adjust medication. It would be great if, just like Lydie I could eventually help myself with HY instead medication.

Even that I live far, Lydie is available to give me long distance clarifications. I would recommend anyone that favors a holistic approach to life to give it a try. 

Mila Cavallo, Vicenza, Italy

An email from a client R.L after first 4 days of exercise:

    "Already after 4 days I feel less PMS issues. I am so glad. Wow, I can really understand when you told us this will be one part of your routine. I am certainly going to be doing this for the rest of my life!

 after 3 months of a regular practice:

   "Lydie, you are an amazing teacher. I loved your classes. Since I started my exercise, I have much more energy, my blood labs indicate my thyroid is functioning well, and I have improved relaxation throughout my busy lifestyle. Thank you for sharing your gift of teaching with us."

after 9 months of regular practice:

    "I got my TSH levels back and they are too low so my doctor will decrease my dose and we will keep checking values"

R.L., Tucson                                                                    Shared with R.L.'s permition

Regular and review classes available in our private studio. Review classes are for everyone who took the workshop and needs to correct their form and/or refresh memory.