What is Hormone Yoga?



Hormone Yoga is a specially designed series of dynamic asanas, pranayamas, visualization/yoga nidra, and Tibetan energy techniques which together reactivate  hormone production and consequently restore hormonal balance. This natural, holistic method was developed by

Dinah Rodrigues, a yoga legend who graduated from the University of S. Paulo – Brazil with Philosophy and Psychology degrees.

Dinah Rodrigues is the creator of Hormone Yoga for Women (menopause and hormonal imbalances in younger women), Hormone Yoga for Diabetics, and Hormone Yoga for Andropause. She is a 91 year old, vibrant and fully active lady who still travels the world to

teach her method. She is an Integral Member of International Yoga Teachers Association (I.Y.T.A.) and an Honorary Member as a consultant of the World Yoga Council of International Yoga Federation.

Her books have been translated into many languages and she

travels every year to Europe for seminars in England, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Czech Republic, Portugal, etc. Dinah Rodrigues is the only person who trains certified teachers of Hormone Yoga.

To learn more about Dinah Rodrigues and her research, please visit her website:


Dinah Rodrigues, 2017 in Germany:



Dinah Rodrigues with one of the Hormone Yoga Babies

The yoga therapy components of the teaching are based on training and certification with Dinah Rodrigues, not derived from status as an RYT200 with Yoga Alliance.

Dinah Rodrigues in summer 2018

Photo: courtesy of The Institute of Hormone Yoga, Prague