Group sessions: $250

One day seminar (8 hours with 1 hour break for lunch),

or a 5 week workshop with 2 hour lessons once a week.

Private sessions: $400

Private sessions can be done in the comfort of your home or in our private studio. Individual attention helps you to learn quickly and you can learn the series in four 2 hour lessons.

Semi-private, 2 person sessions: $300 per person

Sessions are also available in small groups of two; you might like the idea of practicing HY with your friend or spouse. Semiprivate sessions held in three 90  classes or in one 5 hour session.


Review sessions: only for individuals who finished workshop or semiprivate/private session of hormone Yoga

   group   $30

   private  $60

Gentle Yoga/ Yoga Nidra /Yin Yoga classes

1 class $15

2 classes $ 25

4 classes  $45 (must be redeemed in 3 months)

FREE 30 minutes consultation prior initial private or semiprivate session.

Please, see the details and cancelation policy in "HY practice"

Before our first session, we will meet briefly (30 minutes or less) to discuss your goals and assess your commitment to doing the work (and homework). You'll fill out a health history form and we will talk about other factors that may affect or enhance our sessions. This initial meeting is no charge. It's a chance for us to get to know each other and see if we are going to be a good fit.

If we decide to work together after our initial meeting, we will go over the private client contract and set our session schedule together. The contract states all of our policies and is an agreement that we will both put in the required work to reach your goals.