Thai Yoga Bodywork

What Is Thai Body Work:

Thai Yoga Bodywork combines elements of massage, yoga, and acupressure. It works to clear blockages in your body by applying a healing touch to the affected pressure points. The technique of massage and stretching releases tension in the limbs and muscles promoting relief from pain and improvement in flexibility. Once these blockages are removed, energy will flow freely in your body.  Energy that flows freely will improve ailments and increase your overall physical and mental health.

What To Expect:

Thai Yoga Bodywork is an assisted stretching protocol. You arrive in loose comfortable clothing, preferably long pants, long sleeves, and socks. You can change at my studio if you want to bring these items with you. 
You will just rest on your back or on your stomach, while I use hands, elbows, and feet to release tension from the body. At the end of the massage session you will feel relaxed, energized and balanced.

Refrain from eating or drinking for at least an hour before your massage.  You need to be able to get down on the floor and up, without assistance. 


Current Specials and Rates

  • The first-time massage: $40 for 60 minutes

  • Regular Rate: $90 for 90 minutes $60 for 60 minutes.

  • Package: Four treatments for 60 minutes each  for $200, must be scheduled    and within 6 weeks.

  • Gift certificates available

Schedule your Appointment


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"Yesterday I got to receive a Thai massage from Lydie. I am often giving these TREATments, so it was a absolutely a treat to receive. She released all the tension in my back and even gave me more mobility in my one wonky hip. 

If you live in Oro Valley, do yourself a favor and book a session with Lydie. Her studio is soothing and she is just the sweetest person to be around. Sha has a warm, motherly energy that instantly puts you at ease."

Kristy Harvey, E-RYT yoga instructor and trainer, Brown Belt Nia Instructor, Thai Yoga bodywork Practicioner and owner of Wise Owl School of Yoga

"Thank you so much, Lydie. Thai Yoga Bodywork felt so good! My back feels great today".